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32nd Annual NCMHC Conference Agenda: Leisure & Labor on the Carolina Coast

Thursday, December 1 Swansboro Historical Association (502 W. Church Street, Swansboro, North Carolina 28584) 4:30-6:00 Registration & Opening Reception

Friday, December 2 Swansboro Historical Association 8:00 Registration 8:50 Welcome 9:00-10:00 Session Theme: Maritime Recreation 9:00 Maritime Indians: The Coastal Algonquians of North Carolina Dr. Christopher Arris Oakley, Professor, Dept. of History, East Carolina University Email: 9:20 Twentieth Century Racing, Waterfowl Hunting, and Bootlegging Boats of North Carolina Phipps, Raymond et al. Program in Maritime Studies, History Department, East Carolina University 9:40 African American Labor and Recreation in WW II era Wilmington Daniel Masters, Student of Maritime and Atlantic History and Coastal and Marine Resources East Carolina University Email: 10:00 Session Maritime Recreation Q & A 10:10 Break 10:30-11:50 Session Theme: Maritime Industry 10:30 Archaeological Inventory of Rice Plantation Waterways Along the Brunswick River Stephanie Sterling, M.A. Student, Maritime Studies Department of History, East Carolina University Email: 10:50 Reconstructing the Castle: Exploring the Industrial History of Castle Island, Washington, North Carolina Jason T. Raupp, PhD, RPA Assistant Professor Program in Maritime Studies, East Carolina University Email: 11:10 Building the Bridge to Paradise Jim Senter 11:30 Rowing in the Rice Fields of Eagles Island: Investigative Tools Old and New Dr. Mark Wilde-Ramsing, Archaeologist, NC Underwater Archaeology Branch (retired) Dr. Joni Thomas Backstrom, Assistant Professor – UNCW Department of Environmental Sciences 11:50 Session Maritime Industry Q & A 12:00 Lunch 1:40-3:00 Session Theme: Historic Fisheries 1:40 “A Perpetual Franchise to Cultivate Oysters”: Corporate Oyster Gardens in Late 19 th Century North Carolina David Bennett, Curator of Maritime History North Carolina Maritime Museum System Email: 2:00 In Pursuit of a Humble Beast: The Connection Between Diamond City Whalers and the Maritime Landscape of Cape Lookout Winston Sandahl, MA student Maritime Studies | ECU Department of History Email: 2:20 “A Dangerous and Exhausting Struggle”: Hunting the Devil Fish of Coastal North and South Carolina Lynn B. Harris (PhD) Professor, Program in Maritime Studies, History Department, East Carolina University Email: 2:40 Ridding the Ocean of “Sea Vermin”: Twentieth Century Shark Fishing of the North Carolina Coast Logan Willis Program in Maritime Studies, History Department, East Carolina University Email: 3:00 Session Historic Fisheries Q & A 3:10 Break 3:30-4:50 Session Theme: Maritime Military History 3:30 Volunteers or Volun-tolds? African American “hands” at NC coastal fortifications in 1861 Alex Christopher Meekins, Editor – North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster Historical Research and Publications Office NC Office of Archives and History Email: 3:50 Toiling for the Confederacy: Impressed and conscripted workers at Fort Fisher Becky Sawyer, Collections Mgr/Exhibit Coordinator, Fort Fisher State Historic Site Email: 4:10 The U.S. Coast Guard, a.k.a. the “North Carolina Navy” William H. Thiesen, Ph.D. Coast Guard Atlantic Area Historian Email: 4:30 Black Gold in the Deep Blue Sea: Searching for a Lost WWII Oil Tanker John Detlie, M.A. Candidate, Maritime Studies, East Carolina University Email: 4:50 Session Maritime Military History Q & A 5:00 Break 5:30 Keynote & Dinner Swansboro Food & Beverage Co. The History of the Sport of Surfing in North Carolina Ben Wunderly, Curator of Education, NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort Email: Saturday, December 3 Hammocks Beach State Park (1572 State Rd 1511, Swansboro, NC 28584) 8:00 Registration 8:50 Welcome 9:00-10:20 Session Theme: Maritime Communities 9:00 Shackleford Banks: Applying Archaeological and Geospatial Approaches to Maritime Settlement and Abandonment Kendra Ellis, MA Candidate Program in Maritime Studies, Department of History Email: 9:20 Sailing Bessie: Reconstructing the Rig of an Antebellum Canoe-Boat Dr. David Stewart, Associate Professor Program in Maritime Studies Dept. of History, East Carolina University Email: 9:40 Evidence Suggests the Midgetts Were Actually Mighty Jillian Schuler, MA Candidate Program in Maritime Studies, Department of History, East Carolina University Email: 10:00 Deep Mapping the African American Fisheries Landscape of the Albemarle Sound in the 19 th and 20 th Centuries Levi Holton, MA Candidate Program in Maritime Studies, Department of History, East Carolina University Email: 10:20 Session Maritime Communities Q & A 10:40 Break 11:00-12:20 Session Theme: NC Shipwrecks 11:00 Queen Victoria (1856-1866): From the River Clyde and Canadian Confederation to a Carolina Shipwreck Dr. Nathan Richards Program in Maritime Studies, Department of History East Carolina University Email: 11:20 Extracting Diagnostic Information from Historic Ship Timber Surface Marks: The Case of La Concorde/Queen Anne’s Revenge (1710-1718) Ian C. Dunshee, M.A. Student, Editor Stem to Stern President Maritime Studies Association (MSA) Program in Maritime Studies, ECU Dept. of History 11:40 “They prepared a rotten carcass of a boat”: The Consequences of Corruption in the Construction and Loss of Metropolis Matthew Pawelski 12:00 The Tranter’s Creek Shipwreck: A Preliminary Reconstruction of its Hull Shape Christopher Jackson (MA student, East Carolina University) et al. 12:20 Session NC Shipwrecks Q & A 12:30 End of Conference Please Join Us Again Next Year

Conference Venues

Swansboro Heritage Center

502 W. Church Street, Swansboro, North Carolina 28584

1572 State Rd 1511, Swansboro, NC 28584


This year’s conference hotel is the Hampton Inn & Suites in Swansboro. Reservations in this room block must be made by November 1 in order to guarantee the rate. Participants are encouraged to use the provided link, but may also call the number provided and ask for the group rate of the NC Maritime History Council. The hotel information and link are as follows:

215 Old Hammock Rd Swansboro, NC 28584 910-325-9000 Office

Post-Conference Activities




Tributaries is the annual publication of the North Carolina Maritime History Council. Any presenters at the Council’s annual conference are encouraged to submit a paper to Tributaries, which is published in November each year. The journal accepts a range of articles in the field of maritime studies and seeks to support continuing historical, archaeological, and cultural research by publishing articles and reviews related to the maritime history and culture of North Carolina and the Eastern seaboard. All members of the maritime history community, including students and independent researchers, are welcome to submit articles and/or reviews. Contributors need not be members of the NCMHC or live in the state of North Carolina. Manuscripts submitted for consideration must be based on original research and analysis, and all manuscripts are subject to a peer review process at the editor’s discretion. For more information about Tributaries, please contact the editor, Jeremy Borrelli (

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